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Jetman Encyclopedia/Batches are out.

Aug 04, 2012 - 2:38 AM -
FortMax's Avatar

Now that Jetman is OVER -- FINISHED, all individual torrents have been removed from the seedbox, and will shortly be taken down from Nyaa.
There will be no individual torrents for the Encyclopedia, as I cannot, will not make an individual torrent for it at the same time I make the batch.

Now, these batches include V2s for episodes 0-8, 13, 16, 20 (really a v3), 23, and 36. Bandwidth caps hovering like a vast, predatory bird? We have provided patches to make the softsub v1s (and 20v2) into the final versions. The rar is under 300 KB.
Have the raws I made ages ago? (Yes, this is the Bunny Hat) There's batches for those too. And a third rar with just the scripts and the single font we used.

And remember, IT NEVER ENDS

V2 patches
raw patches
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Zyuranger 26 with Mega Anon!

Aug 03, 2012 - 2:46 AM -

From Mega Anon

It’s time! The fated crossover between Keita Amemiya and Toshiki Inoue! Only one question remains… are their any rivers? No wait that isn’t it, but the answer is no, there are NO rivers to be found (Someone does fall into a pond at the end though, does that count?) The real question is: Is this episode good? YES! I can’t recommend this episode enough. Inoue had a field day and Amemiya came a long and made it better.

Long before I ever heard the name Amemiya or Inoue this episode just left me awestruck. I mean, they kill people with guns, and yet no one ever mentions it again. I was like “Wow Bandora’s hardcore!” And a bonus treat Mei shows off just how amazing she is, and earns her spot as my favorite Pink. Whenever it’s her versus a monster 1-on-1 you can always expect her to do something awesome. In fact I hope you like Mei because next episode is all about her and we’re not waiting until next week to bring it to you (Unless I feel it, Rider Gen 2 is out after all).
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Zyuranger 25 with Mega Anon!

Jul 29, 2012 - 4:20 AM -

From Mega Anon

We’re half way there! And what better way to celebrate the half way point then to have Keita Amemiya direct this episode? I’ve praised this man enough in my ZO and J releases so I’ll save you the repetition. I will say that you can tell Amemiya was here. One part of this episode reminds me a lot of ZO. In fact the whole episode has a nature theme which is similar to ZO (ZO was made a few months after ZYu ended in ’93). Amemiya is known for his visuals and I say he did a good job here. Obviously it’s not as nightmare fuel inducing as ZO or J but there’s somethings you’ll notice that don’t seem like they’d be in other episodes (Like theGolem summoning scene. Good use of stop motion there).

This episode may look super pretty but how’s the plot? It’s Amemiya ,so it’s great! The plot is simple but surprisingly realistic. Of course it’s got some fantasy in it, what doesn’t? But instead of a mystical item that heals everyone, the cure this time is an actual antidote… from a hospital. The problem is there’s not enough to go around! Now to me that’s as realistic as it gets in Sentai. Of course killing the monster solves the problem, but still it’s a nice change of pace.

Enjoy this episode and all it’s visual goodness but do not cry brave warrior, for Amemiya will be back soon in Episode 26, and he’ll be joined by a very a special writer…

Coming hot off of his hit show Jetman, it’s Toshiki Inoue! He’s teaming up with Amemiya to give you a chilling escapade about tainted snowcones! It’s going to be the episode of the century! Kazuo Niibori as the Action Director, Keita Amemiya as the director, and Toshiki Inoue as the writer! Can you handle this triple tag team of all stars? Next time on Dinosaur Squad Zyuranger: The Tag Team of Awesomeness! Please look forward to it!

P.S. For those looking to catch up, here's the torrent for
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