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Zyuranger 31 with Mega Anon!

Aug 23, 2012 - 12:56 AM -

From Mega Anon

The time has come to fight Satan! But first our heroes must go on a quest to discover themselves (No really). This involves a brief visit to a place called “America Camp Village”. It’s a blatant ad but not as bad as the two episodes of Megaranger that were almost a complete commercial for Rindo Lake Park (I’m also told that Rindo made an appearance in Carranger). If you want to check out their site (There’s not much there, except their adorable American Squirrel mascot), then here it is (Welcome to America Camp Village) It makes for a great fight scene though, and Burai is a beast.

Speaking of Burai we get some back story about him and why he’s the only one on a time limit. This show seems to mentioning Burai lately, I wonder why… (dun dun dun!)

Also, this episode feature not one, but TWO new robot combinations! DaiZyuJin+Dragon Caesar and DaiZyuJin+Dragon Caesar+King Brachion. The latter combination is the first second seven piece combination in Sentai history (Curse you Turboranger and your Super Turbo Building block!) Sure today that’s nothing, and something like this would be like mid game for a modern Sentai, but at the time this was impressive as hell. In fact I still it’s impressive. It’s big, but not overly huge (sup Ha-Oh, G12), it’s got a ton of fire power, but the guns don’t get in the way of the aesthetics (sup Gosei Great and your various combinations… I still love you <3), and IMO it just looks right. It looks like an actual robot and not a stack of toys. I love Sentai mechs, and I always will, and maybe this “my first Sentai syndrome” talking but this design just does it for me. It’s so radical.

Enjoy this episode and everything awesome it has to offer. We’ll be back next week when a mysterious new warrior shows up to challenge Geki, and we find out that Goushi is a true bro.
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Zyuranger 30 with Mega Anon!

Aug 20, 2012 - 12:06 AM -

From Mega Anon

This episode is just pure nightmare fuel. Bandora levels up and learns the ultimate dark magic summoning skill, and DoraFranken goes from a cheap suit to “OH GOD WHAT IS THAT!?” We also have bleeding eyeballs, child sacrifices, Satan himself (He’s Japanese, who knew?), a blinking skull, dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA! With things this bad, just who are you gonna call? No! Not Ghostbusters (That would be awesome though)! Zyuranger of course! How can the Zyurangers beat Satan himself? They’re gonna need to learn their own ultimate summoning skill and we’ll see that next episode. For now, please enjoy “Dinosaur Nightmare Fuel: The Episode!” We’ll see you next week! Unless you count Sunday as the beginning of the week, in that case we’ll see you in a few days! But seriously, stay away from all reflective surfaces, and make sure you’re over the age of 10 before viewing this episode. We warned you…
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