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Oct 11, 2014 - 3:51 AM -
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Jetman: Touch

Aug 04, 2014 - 4:17 PM -
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Rie noticed it started snowing while she was resting her cheek on the man’s chest. From the dark room, she could see white snowflakes through the window, falling incessantly. She was thinking that she would definitely turn around and go back home if such snow fell on her shoulders while she was walking outside.
The man’s chest moved. He was playing with her hair as if he was trying to ask for something. Rie put her mind back to him.
The light coming from the crackling fireplace was shining on the naked man’s back. It was a well-trained perfect body.
Rie pursed her lips and touched his whole body with them. She moved her body up and down to make her nipples dance before his eyes, then rested her head on his chest once more, and sighed.
She could clearly hear his heartbeat. One, two, three… She was counting it. “This is the sound of blood flowing through a man’s body,” she thought. “Please, let this sound never stop,” she prayed.
“Ryu,” she whispered, while making him sit up straight. It was his turn to move.
He gently pressed her down while laying kisses on her body. Instinctively, he narrowed his eyes, for the light from the fireplace that shined on Rie made her body look as bright as a pearl.
While closing his eyes, Ryu entered Rie’s body, and tried to go as deep as he could.
How many times had they made love to each other since yesterday? They had been naked all night, touching each other’s body. They had forgotten about eating at all. The only things they had had in their mouths since the previous night were each other’s sweat and body heat. It felt as if they were trying to enjoy their life together to the fullest, as if it was soon to come to an end. That is how violent these two’s passion seemed. You couldn’t blame them. The two would soon have to face intense training. They would have to train their bodies hard for that project. There was a chance that that project could mean their death.
It was three days prior that they first heard about the Jetman Project from Odagiri. They felt both joy and anxiety when they heard about it. Joy, because they were chosen to participate in the project, and fear, because they would have to be exposed to Birdonic Waves which would mutate their bodies.
Of course, both Rie and Ryu trusted Odagiri, who was their direct superior.
Although Odagiri was a woman, she was more intelligent than anyone they knew. Rie sometimes thought of her as an older sister, and was grateful towards her whenever she was nice to her. Although Odagiri told her that she shouldn’t worry that she might end up parting from Ryu, she felt anxious.
Odagiri said that a new type of soldier was needed to protect this increasingly chaotic world. “Soldiers with strong determination and strong bodies,” she said. Rie was aware of that. That was obvious. “Everyone realizes that,” she thought. That is why the organisation with the world’s greatest intelligence unit and a 500,000 man army decided on starting the Jetman Project.
The new warriors, the Jetmen, would be a five-man unit. Rie and Ryu were two of the five chosen soldiers. They had been chosen out of 500,000 people. There could not be a greater honour than that. Or could there…?
The wood in the fireplace crackled. Ryu pushed himself off Rie, and they both laid their heads on the bed’s pillows. There was no guarantee that the project would be a perfect success. It might have been more correct to call it an experiment than a project: an experiment on human specimens for the sake of world peace. That is why they were both there. There, in that small mountain hut, far away from the city. If the experiment failed, it would probably mean their death. That is why they were both there. To make love to each other.
Rie caressed the scars on Ryu’s chest with her fingers. “Where did he get these scars?” Rie wondered. “He got these when they were fighting a secret drug-trafficking organisation,” she remembered. “Ryu got these when he tried to protect me.”
Ryu touched the scars on Rie’s back with his lips. “Where did she get these scars?” Ryu wondered. “She got these when we were trying to stop someone who hijacked a large tanker,” he remembered. “She really did a great job that day.”
Both of their bodies were covered with many small scars. They were proof of their battles fought, of being soldiers.
The main purpose of the Jetman Project was to dramatically alter one’s cells by being exposed to Birdonic Waves. Their scars would probably disappear if the project was successful.
It was snowing harder; the snowflakes violently tapped on the mountain hut window. All they could hear were the sounds of the snow, and the wood crackling in the fireplace. Sweet tranquillity reigned inside the room. They felt like the world was moving and only they stood still, like when shells remain on the beach at low tide. When Rie rested her head on Ryu’s chest and stared at the window that was slowly being covered in whiteness, she felt anxious; she felt like she was melting away. It was because of the snow.
Ever since she was a child, snow had been a sign of good luck to her. Good things always happened to her after snowfall. And it was always snow like that. Snowflakes that seemed as big as her palm. It snowed the day before she graduated high school. Her first successful mission in this organisation also occurred on a snowy day. Lady Luck always tapped Rie on her shoulders with snow. That is why Rie was lost in her thoughts and reminiscing. “I’m sure that something good will happen soon,” she thought. She wondered.
“If the project is a success…,” Ryu whispered. “If everything goes well…”
Rie nodded. “If everything goes well, I would probably walk down the aisle with Ryu,” she thought.
She dreamt of wearing a snow-white wedding dress.

- note: this is a draft
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Moving webhosts

Jul 29, 2014 - 12:46 PM -
Hi guys,

Just a heads up.
A team member (IceKiller) is able to offer us a new hosting subscription.
We will probably move in the course of this week.
We will close the forum down for a day to make sure the 2 mysql dbs are in sync!

Also we would like to remind you if you are able to donate to the paypal on this forum we highly​ appreciate it!
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Zyuranger is getting a US DVD release

Jul 26, 2014 - 5:34 AM -
FortMax's Avatar

On Friday, Shout! Factory announced that they will be releasing Zyuranger on DVD in North America. As such, we have removed the links to out Zyuranger releases. (If any of the extras we've subbed do not get subbed by Shout Factory, they will be re-released after the DVD set is out)

Zyuranger was a blast to work on, and we hope you will consider buying the official release when it comes out. (In fact, at least three members of Team Zyu plan to).
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