If this question is against rules please delete it and notify me so I won't screw up again.

Okay, basically, I want to burn DVDs for personal use--I wanna watch Sentai on TV, not on a laptop monitor.

The problem is I need to force the subtitles (and I'm the kind of guy who grabs MKVs, not MP4s or AVIs... because of how my ISP works, grabbing multiple formats is impractical), because I might go to the house of a friend who is bad about losing the remote, and some DVD players don't automatically turn on subtitles when you start a disc. Likewise it needs to just automatically play the episodes.

I thought the Linux program DeVeDe (which I have installed on a USB drive that has Zorin 6 installed on it) would cover this, but it keeps crashing. And since I don't like Linux anyway I want to know if there's a Windows program that'll do the job?

Thanks in advance.