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    Chojin Sentai Jetman [DOWNLOAD PAGE]

    Chojin Sentai Jetman | Winged Squad Jetman

    Translation: Shir
    QC/Timing: Tom Constantine, Shir
    QC: FortMax
    Encoding/timing/final QC/muxing: Bunnyhat

    Softsub batch

    Hardsub batch

    Contains all episodes including the DVD extras!

    Patches and scripts for the Jetman Bunnyhat RAWs :
    V2 patches for the original files
    raw patches

    Jetman - Time Flies
    Translation: Shir
    QC: FortMax, Jill
    Cleaning & Editing: Wright, Kazuhiko
    Raw: KeithJustice

    CBR: DDL

    How to use the patch method by our very own FortMax,
    I'll give you a SHORT, SHARP LESSON in using the patches.

    1. Download xdelta. The current Windows version is here, Other versions can be found at
    2. rename the download exe to "xdelta3.exe"
    3. If you're using Windows, right-click the file, select properties, and click "unblock". Then move xdelta3.exe to C:/windows/system32
    4. Move the .patch and .bat files to the folder with the Jetman episodes, and run RUN_ME_v2s/bat.

    You will now have POWER BEYOND MEASURE to use these patches, the patches for Zyuranger, Mega-Anon's Megaganger and Decade, and Over-Time's current Rider and Sentai releases.

    You can also download our MKVs and MP4s via DDL at KRDL[spoiler]
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