Title: Earthquake.

There just was a powerful earthquake in the metropolitan area, is
everyone alright?
I just came home when the ground started to shake suddenly. I pulled
the bedding that was close to me over my head. I was scared and
trembling when I held my heart tightly like someone would hold a
princess, and waited till the seismic stopped. When I noticed the
shaking weakened, I saw something fall and shatter from the shelve, the
shaking throwing things out of order and forced the refrigerator door
and windows to open and close.

I was planning to go out again in the evening, but tonight I will stay

There are big tsunami alarms continues here and there, and the shaking as well.
Please be careful everyone.
I hope from the bottom of my heart that there will not be any more damage done than there already is.

Original post: Oikawa Nao's blog

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