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    Mar 2011

    Kinoshita Ayumi

    2011-03-15 (Tue) 10:44

    Title: About the earthquake.

    There has been a awful earthquake. I don't know what to say to the people who were struck by it... I am really sorry.

    No-one could have predicted this natural disaster. I thought of a lot of things because there is not much damage to my home. About what it means to be happy? What things are really important? How important is electricity? About powerlessness. How warmth of people helping each-other out. I started to notice a lot of things.

    The things I can do right now to help might be negligible. I hope I will be able to heal people's hearts by giving people dreams, hope, make them laugh or make them moved when the situation becomes more stable.

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    Mar 2011

    Kinoshita Ayumi

    2011-03-10 (Thu) 11:31
    Title: Announcement!!

    This week, at 7.30 a.m., on Sunday the 13th of March, I will make a guest appearance on Pirate Task-Force Gokaiger!!

    I never thought I'd wear this skirt again... It's a rather short skirt.

    I had so much fun on the scene because some of the staff members from the time I was doing Dekaranger were still there. I am glad we could all work together again after so many years. I'm going to work hard, just like back in the days.

    It's been a while since you haven't seen Jasmine, so don't miss her!!

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    Mar 2011

    Sugimoto Yumi

    2011-03-12 12:33:23

    Title: Horrible...

    The earthquake was frightening...

    The aftershocks woke me up several times at night.

    It's been about 5 years since I moved from the Hyogo prefecture to Osaka. I heard the apartment I used to live in at Hyogo has been totally destroyed.

    I am watching the news right now. I cannot believe that so much damage can be done overnight...

    The damages are so big, I cannot believe this is reality.

    There are many injured people left, people waiting to be rescued and people missing. I hope as many people as possible will be saved.

    I am praying for you.

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    Mar 2011

    Ozawa Ryouta 2

    2011-03-16 22:18:03

    Title: Message

    Gokai Red, Captain Marvelous sends this message to all the children that suffer from the earthquake!

    I am the Gokaiger, Captain Marvelous!
    I know everyone is suffering. I know you want to cry.
    But you know? There are really awesome guys standing next to you.
    I am talking about your fathers, mothers and all the other people working hard to save you!
    They are all giving everything they can for you!
    I'm not going to tell you not to cry! But don't throw away the thought of getting saved, don't lose your hearts!
    Great power lies within you guys!

    Everything it going to be alright!

    I think there are many children that don't have the chance to read this blog.
    But I'd be happy If anyone close to them can show them this blog entry.

    I know everybody is having a hard time and there will still be aftershocks. But I hope everyone stays strong!

    I pray for everyone's safety. And tomorrow I'll do the best I can to cheer you up!

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    Mar 2011

    Shizumu Kazuki #2

    2011-03-14 20:14:00

    Title: It's been a while

    I'm sorry I haven't giving you any updates recently.

    I am doing fine

    I've been really busy, so I haven't gotten the chance to write..

    I want to thank all of you who were worried about me and sent me all those messages and comments.

    It's been three days since that earthquake struck.

    It doesn't look like things, here in japan, are going to calm down any time soon.

    Above that they are only showing news on tv that makes people panic.

    As planned, the electricity will go out in my area soon.

    Of course I never experienced such earthquakes and power blackouts...

    There are still many people that need help and need to be saved, though the aftershocks continue.

    I hope as many people as possible get rescued, and I hope Japan will be recovering from this as fast as possible.

    Shimizu Kazuki

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    Mar 2011

    Thank you

    Thank you webmaster for Translation our hero blog.

    Thank Ozawa Ryouta, You are real hero.

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    Mar 2011

    Ichimichi Mao #2

    2011-03-19 13:33:55

    Title: I feel good!


    I'm sorry for neglecting my blog recently.

    Your ichimichi is doing fine.

    There are less and less aftershocks,
    So I'm just being careful and thinking positively!!
    All for one
    And one for all.
    That's how I feel.(・∀・)

    I'll try to save electricity,
    Not buy too much stuff I don't need.
    I'll continue to try the best I can

    And above all...
    Today the sun is shining brightly and beautifully.ッ(*ยดエ`*)ノシ
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