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    Mar 2011
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    Mar 2011
    Will subbings of Kamen Rider Black RX be finished after liveman, if it happens then I can't wait

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    Mar 2011
    The Liveman staff and Black RX staff are two completely different people. Black RX is actually done by one person, it just so happens he is too busy to work on them but we will get it done.

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    Aug 2012

    Anyone have any links for these?

    The links on rangercrew don't work. krdl.info doesn't have them. tokuzilla doesn't have them either. The only torrent available online doesn't have any seeders. Is there any way whatsoever to get these episodes? I had copies and lost them to a hard drive crash.

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    May 2015
    Does anyone have a copy of Mr.Stone's BLACK sub scripts? Upload or reseed, pleeeeeeeeease.