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    Mar 2011
    Hmmm...this one wasn't nearly as good as the Dekaranger or even the Magiranger episodes. The Dekaranger episode was especially awesome when they did that group transformation and the Dekaranger theme kicked in during a truly awesome fight. I was really hoping for something similar to happen in this one, but the fight was over too fast, there was no Gekiranger theme, which is sad because that theme was awesome. Even the Magiranger episode had their theme. And the Geki-Geki Gokai King was...wasn't even a formation; it just spat out animals, and that was it. Plus, it focused too much on Doc again, even though Ahim could really use some character development by now, and playing second fiddle to Doc isn't helping. Let's hope that the next team they focus on (I really hope it's one of the somewhat older ones, like Zyuranger or Ohranger) gets a better treatment than Gekiranger did. Not terrible, but...definitely didn't live up to expectations.
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    I love it!