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    Mar 2011

    Zyuranger 29 with Mega Anon

    From Mega Anon

    Here we are with episode 29! We’ve come a long way and so have our heroes. However, it seems that Bandora has come even farther! Her new clay monsters are becoming a serious problem for our heroes and it seems like there’s no end in sight. What will our heroes do!? They’ll do what any sane person in a JRPG does when a boss gets too tough, they’ll go on a quest for some new equipment, and fight a weaker side boss for exp. That’s basically this episode in a nutshell. Geki and Burai must track down King Brachion and obtain the treasure he guards. What is this new treasure? Well, you can probably guess. But will this new weapon be able to stop Bandora? Is Zyuranger about to get seriously dark and sinister? Is Satan really Japanese? Will I keep asking you question I already know the answers too!? Hold onto your dinosaur eggs because this show’s getting ready for some serious stuff, and since this episode ends on a massive cliffhanger we don’t intend to keep you waiting. We’ll be back!
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