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    Zyuranger 28 with Mega Anon

    From Mega Anon

    This is a pretty standard episode but still really good. It sets up a lot of stuff that’s going to be important in the next episode. Also it answers one of the great Sentai mysteries, “How do the heroes get money?”Turns out the Zyuranger’s live off an allowance and it’s not enough for them to live (Dan wants a 90′s computer, yay 1.4mb!). So like normal people, they get jobs! It’s kind of weird but kinda realistic. Realistic and Zyuranger, now there’s something I won’t say too often. Anyways, the plot is that Bandora realizes that the Zyurangers are too strong. So in order to up her own arsenal she decides to find new clay to make her monsters out of. I won’t spoil anymore but now Bandora’s upping her arsenal and getting stronger! How will the Zyurangers win!? Tune in next week to find out!
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