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    Laser Squadron vs Light Force

    People asked why we didn't translate Hikari Sentai Maskman as Laser Squadron Maskman.

    There is a simple reason for this. The story is about an Underground Empire called 'Tube' that wants to turn the world into a world of darkness because they can't live in a warm world of light.
    The Maskmen try to protect the world from becoming a world of darkness.
    The whole story is actually about Light and Darkness.

    There are some weapons like 'Laser Magnum' and 'Laser Arrow'... But apart from that the world 'laser' doesn't appear in the show at all.
    It was wrongly translated in a Phillipino dub of the show back in the 80's. And someone put 'laser' as a correct translation on wikipedia.
    Although it is still more accurate than the French title: Bioman 2.

    As for the word 'force'. We think it sounds and flows better than the word Squadron or Task-Force.

    If anyone disagrees, feel free to change those 2 words in the softsubs we provide.


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    In Brazillian dub they called "Light's defenders", that sounds better in Portuguese
    I think that you choose is a better option.

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    Aura Squadron sounds good too. But to each of its own, I guess.

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    Light Squadron is still a good choice, since they're the warriors of light.

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    I guess the word Laser is just a metaphor for light (just my opinion),and it really sounded good as Laser Squadron. I agree that the show is truly about light and darkness.

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