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Thread: No Kakuranger

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    No Kakuranger

    Alright, don't mean to sound like a dick. But please stop.
    I've had enough of the requests from people I don't know to do a show.
    I can't count on my ten fingers how many time people asked me to sub Kakuranger or Gavan in the past week.
    Even got some weird messages like: "You should sub Kakuranger for the love of the show" or some messages I can't seem to understand.
    Only one gentleman actually offered to pay for a translation, who's request I'm taking into consideration.

    I have decided not to empty my pm box anymore and I will not reply to any requests I get in my mailbox or by facebook unless you're someone polite, know how to write a mail which consists out of more than 1 sentence or have something to offer.

    And I have no interest in Kakuranger whatsoever. Maybe some other translators do, but they will decide which shows they translate and when they translate it.



    virushopper moment: The awesome people at Hikari Senshi are subbing Kakuranger and are in need of timers! Want to conrtibute? Here's an awesome tutorial by Gekiknight
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    Seriously Kakuranger is one of Hikarisenshi's's not hard to wait........

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    There are plenty of other Sentai shows out there. The only reason I can think of why people would want Kakuranger so bad is cause of Mr. Shane Kosugi is one of the actors in it. There are a lot of show episodes that still have not been translated by anybody, let's get those done first for example Denjiman or even the entire first season from 1975 Himitsu Sentai GoRanger. I prefer episodes taking lay little longer but are better quality and translation than to rush it and then it not be very well done or look in bad quality. That's just my opinion and not the view of everybody in the world.

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