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    Oct 2012
    Just checking on the status of the Liveman DVD re-release............1-24 are out soft subbed. Now that Kakuranger is complete.

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    Jul 2014
    Hmm... odd... is it just me, or is it currently not possible to download the full series of Liveman from here? Kind of a shame... That's one of the older ones that I'm particularly interested in...

    Also, do you guys plan to do Changeman and/or Flashman at some point?

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    May 2014
    They are currently working on changeman in the background and all episodes are being timed out as you can see over here:
    Let's finish Subbing Super Sentai!! - Page 6

    But as for flashman, I really donĀ“t know about that

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    Jun 2014
    The Liveman videoes won't play correctly at all after I torrented them; even though the others I have torrented have. It gets 15 seconds into the video and it freezes. The sound repeats itself but the video itself is frozen. I've tried this on a few epsiodes. I am using the mp4 version.
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    Oct 2014
    U S A
    First post only has episodes 00 - 34. I could not find the rest on nyaa.se please post the rest :c

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    Feb 2015
    I was wondering after a long time if there are any plans of releasing the remaining 34-49 episode batch?

    Many people consider asking something like "requesting and demanding", but you know, it has been almost a year, just want to download everything but not missing stuff.

    Can anyone around provide any news or where can I find these remaning v2 ones?

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    Nov 2015
    master this is not a complete episode where 45-49 episode..thank u master

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    Aug 2014
    What is the best way to download these videos? I have Torrex but it keeps crashing. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!

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    Jan 2015
    I came across a page to download volume 1 of the Liveman manga on your old blog-site, but the download link is broken.

    Did you guys ever scan past that volume? Also, was it a scanlation or just a scan?

    I found a copy of it that someone scanlated into Portugese, which is fine, but if there is an English scanlated version that was available, would it be possible for someone to re-upload it or direct me to where I could download it?

    Thanks for all you do!