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    Mar 2011
    Finally a decent release of Ultra Galaxy and it's directed by Koichi Sakamoto!!!! Thanks G.U.I.S. for the release and I'm gonna check the Abaranger movie too.

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    Just watched it and it was pure awesome, my jaw was on the floor many times

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    Nov 2011
    Thank you very much for your work! Glad to see you back!

    By the way, I am kinda Russian fansubber and I was planning to translate this movie as well as Ultraman Zero. So I decided to ask you a permission to use your translations for this because it would help me a lot. Of course, credits to you an your site will be added. Don't you mind that?

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    J-Lyrics Watch Panda
    Mar 2011
    Hi, Here you find this movie with portuguese / english sub. (same to GUIS) just select track 2 (english)
    Thiis Work was made with permission from GUIS Team
    Fell free to download J-Lyrics Releases: Mega Monster Battle - A Lenda de Ultra Galaxy: O Filme (720p)
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    Feb 2012

    Where can I download the SRT file ? I'll use it for a separate encoding.


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    Jan 2013
    Could you G.U.I.S. (see what I did there?) update with a new DDL please?

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    Sep 2015
    any chance to reupload the HD version? or at least reseed?