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    Shimizu Kazuki Blog Translation 2

    2011-03-14 20:14:00

    Title: It's been a while

    I'm sorry I haven't giving you any updates recently.

    I am doing fine

    I've been really busy, so I haven't gotten the chance to write..

    I want to thank all of you who were worried about me and sent me all those messages and comments.

    It's been three days since that earthquake struck.

    It doesn't look like things, here in japan, are going to calm down any time soon.

    Above that they are only showing news on tv that makes people panic.

    As planned, the electricity will go out in my area soon.

    Of course I never experienced such earthquakes and power blackouts...

    There are still many people that need help and need to be saved, though the aftershocks continue.

    I hope as many people as possible get rescued, and I hope Japan will be recovering from this as fast as possible.

    Shimizu Kazuki

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    hai..... thanks for it....
    konnichiwa minna-san..... GOKAI CHANGE!!!!!