Back with more intense 1980s J-Drama from the television division of Daiei Films, subtitled as a joint project between GUIS and our friends atThe Skaro Hunting Society.

In this episode, something happens that makes Chizuko start to treat Shinobu and Taeko with kindness, and then something else happens that makes her hate them again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ryusaku Matsumoto’s attempts to blackmail Gozo Daimaru don’t end in a very big payday, but at least he ends up with a little cash to piss away at the hostess bar. Masato Tanabe’s plans of revenge against the Daimaru family become somewhat complicated by a rival gang leader who has just gotten out of prison. And then there’s that kimono…

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I guess we’re supposed to be rooting for Masato’s Migrant Birds Gang against Takeshi Osada’s Demon Gang. That’s kinda difficult, when the Migrant Birds are an all-male gang whose members dress like The Fonz; the Demon Gang has several badass Sukeban on their team, and they have more individualized style of clothing that looks like they’re all auditioning for a 1980s music video, or perhaps the movie Streets of Fire.