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    Mar 2011

    Stepsisters 02 + 01v2 (With The Skaro Hunting Society)

    In episode 2, Shizuko gets some alarming news from the doctor. Not knowing how long she has to live, she writes a letter to Gozo Daimaru, and sends Shinobu and Taeko to hand-deliver it to his mansion in Tokyo. Disturbed by recent events, Chizuko decides to cut her vacation in Manazuru short, and she and Masato return to the mansion as well. Gozo shows Chizuko the only photo he kept of about her mother Keiko, and we learn more about her in flashbacks. Michio decides to give up his promising trumpeting career to re-join the Migrating Birds Gang, with the mission of bringing a fight to Gozo and the Daimaru Corporation. Shizuko tracks down her ne'er do well husband Ryusaku and tries to get him to come with her to confess to Gozo, but Ryusaku has other plans...

    And we're also releasing a revised version of episode 1. No major changes, just a few spelling and wording tweaks.

    This series is a joint project with the fine folks over at The Skaro Hunting Society, who sub a bunch of old drama and even older anime. Go check them out!

    01v2: mkv mp4

    02: mkv mp4

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    Jan 2016
    I saw there's no topic for reporting Stepsisters errors. Just in case, here are notes I made for ep 1 v1 I found while deleting files, etc. (haven't compared it to v2 yet):

    OP has 'the the'
    20:33 planing -> planning
    25:38 Youth Air-Force -> Youth Air Force (?)
    25:54 I'm been doing -> I've been doing
    28:02 Apply: are stepsisters.\NCan't
    28:14 unsubbed word
    [no timecode, sorry] something station -> something Station

    Someone also told me the OP rōmaji, as can be seen in Nanto's YouTube upload, has some errors, but I don't have the corrections at hand, sorry.