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    All right. Okie Dokie, here I go.

    1. What the fuck is going man?
    Nothing really. We are just busy with our lives.

    2. When is more Bioman coming?

    3. What is the status of Fiveman?
    We gave that show to LoveXCare.

    4. What about Liveman v2?
    Depends on FortMax's schedule.

    5. Chichiranger 2?
    I so want to do this.

    6. I hear Changeman was on the horizon.
    That is true but who knows at this point.

    7. Ultraman Max episode 40?
    Uh okay I didn't expect this one but there is a grey area for this release. Crunchyroll has not released this episode for some reason, I love to but I have no idea if I can without getting sued.

    8. What's next project-wise?

    9. Are you guys dead?
    No, we are not. We still read every tweet and message we get on Facebook, here, /m/ and some of them forums you frequent.

    10. What is everyone up to right now?
    Shir is working 10 hour days nonstop and just does not have the time to do much.
    FortMax (BunnyHat) is going through a transtition and is able work on whenever she can.
    Tom Constantine and Filadelfo are working with Tokusatsu Network to bring you the latest Toku news.
    virushopper (that's me) career is moving up.
    catwhowalksbyhimself is right there up my post.
    JEFFBM is becoming a prolific voice actor.

    11. You guys suck!
    If I had a nickel every time I saw this thrown at me. Same for the "GUIS is Dead" line.

    12. Are you going to close this thread?
    No, you can ask me questions.

    13. Howcome no one posted shit for a long time?
    Cause we ain't like that? Honestly it would be meaningless to post a status update like how the other groups do it. We are very active in social media. Me personally, I have been constantly updating the fine folks at /m/.

    Does that answer all your questions?

    Oh yeah I like to mention something that I have noticed on Twitter, don't believe everything you read about our group there. You can tweet me directly right here. I will answer all your questions and won't block you. (This includes you Jarkes).
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