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    Ultraman Zero: The revenge of Bellial (Blu-Ray) [Completed]

    Ultraman Zero The Movie Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1:
    Torrent | Megaupload Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    SD Bluray: Torrent | Megaupload
    Bluray ISO: torrent
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    Rock on !!! Bring on the Ultramen !

    May I know what's the file size for the 720HD version ?

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    Ask the encoder that . Prolly big. But we have our seedbox for that baby. 3 other bluray releases on the way.

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    Yes! Can't wait for this one. I've been holding off on watching it un-subtitled because I want to understand everything first time

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    expect it around monday-tuesday. :-)

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    Just went to Spandexteam Twitter and it says this movie will be released later in this week.

    So it won't be released within these 1-2 days ?

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    Read the forum rules Cosmos...
    We will release it when it gets released. (you'll find the same rule @ every fansub group)
    It takes a while before we can upload a monster bluray rip...

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    Your words made me realized I'm being impatient about this release. Guess this movie made me lose myself. :P

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    If we could, we would have released it already.
    We still need to do the final encode. And will will spread it to a few people who can upload for a few hours first... It will be there soon. Don't worry.

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    It's out. Come and get it.

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