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    Rules & faq

    The rules of the forum & channel.

    1. What can and can't we post?
    - You are allowed to post anything you want. But no trolling or spamming. We don't mind people pointing out our mistakes. But be sure that it is a mistake. We do mind people complaining about words that are translated, which they think one should not translate.
    2. Can we post raws?
    - Yes you can. But you have to state where you got it from.
    3. When does stuff get released?
    - It will be released when it is finished. Please do not ask or PM us about this.
    4. Can our fansub group have a subforum on the website?
    - Maybe. Please PM us with your request.
    5. What happens with the donations?
    - The donations are used to pay for our expenses: Caps, DVDs, Blurays, Server costs,...
    6. What is the difference between softsubs and hardsubs?
    - Softsubs are usually in the .mkv format. The subtitles are not glued onto the video. You can make the subs appear, disappear, enlarge,... Hardsubs are the opposite of that.
    7. I can't play the videos - what should I do?
    - Download the Community Based Codec Pack (CCCP). If this doesn't work, you can ask us for help. On an additional note for our Mac viewers if you have problems watching our releases, please download Perian.
    8. Can I help?
    - We are always looking for extra staff; Timers, Encoders, Translators, Quality Checkers. Click here for more info.
    9. Can you guys sub (X)?
    -Sorry we do not take request. And that's what other groups are for!
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