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    Zyuranger is getting a US DVD release

    On Friday, Shout! Factory announced that they will be releasing Zyuranger on DVD in North America. As such, we have removed the links to out Zyuranger releases. (If any of the extras we've subbed do not get subbed by Shout Factory, they will be re-released after the DVD set is out)

    Zyuranger was a blast to work on, and we hope you will consider buying the official release when it comes out. (In fact, at least three members of Team Zyu plan to).

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    It too bad it's Zyuranger, as it not really the greatest sentai, but anything getting an official US release is great news. As long as it isn't too unreasonable, I'll buy it just to encourage more releases to follow.

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    I was super surprised when I saw this announcement. I never, ever expected Sentai to get an uncut US release.

    While it may not be the best Sentai, it is definitely the wisest choice to start with (if they intend to bring more series over).

    I know people on Tumblr are sups excited about this but I don't see it being that successful a release. I know Tokusatsu has its fandom in the US (and abroad) but I don't see many beyond the most hardcore of fans going for it. That being said, despite living overseas, I will buy the set to support the effort.

    Now I feel like re-watching it.

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    I think some fans of Mighty Morphin might buy it just to see the original show behind it. I won't be surprised if it gets promoted in exactly that way. Actors from Zyu showing up at the conventions may help their two (Geki's actor and one of the suit actors will be around this year) I think it may sell well enough to be successful.

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    As a big fan of Zyuranger, it's quite disappointing to see people complain about it being released, especially considering I believe it's greatly underrated. I like it a lot more than Dairanger for example, which is one of the most overrated TV shows I've ever seen. Never understood the love that one gets.

    Anyway, this is huge news so I thought I'd register to say my piece and that I'll definitely be picking these DVDs up.

    Still, it's a good thing I downloaded G.U.I.S.'s great subtitled eps awhile back!

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    That's a great news ! If only they do the same for other sentai in the futur !

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