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    Zyuranger 46 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    This week, Bandora has made a DoraMonster that can change it’s appearance into anything it wants. Armed with a group of Golems, this new DoraMonster sets out to make the Zyurangers look like bad guys and they’ll go to any lengths to prove it! No only do we get to see a lot of civilian aimed violence, but people are even calling the Zyurangers “murderers” and accusing them to attacking their familiars! These doppelgangers do not mess around. Amidst all of this chaos, hate, and destruction, the Rangers find themselves being attacked by every body. You’ll cry, you’ll rage, you’ll even see a cute little puppy being cute.The tone of this episode is a set up for what’s about to come. Next week we’ll bring you “The Final Battle Begins!” and that title doesn’t lie. With 4 episodes to go Bandora starts to make her final move! Our heroes are getting ready to face Bandora herself and save the world, it’s children, and it’s dinosaurs, for the final time.
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    Who is the newsreader in Zyuranger 46?

    Hello, I have three questions please.

    I have a lot of difficulty telling faces apart of people in general, so sometimes when I see somebody familiar I think I recognize that person but I am not sure.

    First, who is the newsreader who appears at about two and a half minutes and later on in Zyuranger 46? Is she a previous sentai actress? Has she appeared in any other tokusatsu shows?

    Second, the sentai wiki and tvtropes says that Mina Asami sometimes played the red ninja Oyabun in Maskman. In which episodes did she play this extra role, and has she done it all so far in the episodes that have already been subbed?

    Three, does anyone know what the actors who played the Vyram in Jetman thought of their roles, and what they did with their careers afterwards?

    If this is not the right thread or if I should make a general forum post, I apologize and I will shift this message elsewhere.

    Thank you.

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