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    Zyuranger 41 and 42 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    Thereís not much I can say about these episodes without spoiling it so Iíll keep it short. We all thought that it was best to release both of these episodes at the same time. 41 ends on a cliffhanger and sets up everything for 42 and we didnít feel it was right to make you wait a week to see the outcome.

    What you are about to see are probably the most famous episodes of Zyuranger, at least thatís how I see them. In this fandom just about everyone knows Buraiís fate whether theyíve seen the show or not. However, itís really something that needs to be seen. These two episodes are beautiful. They do everything right, and at the end it all hits home. Thereís twists and turns, surprises, and drama. Itís got a bit of everything. And trust me when I say this, youíre not ready. Even though itís my second time watching these, they still hit home.

    Burai is a great character and even though heís gone he lives on within us all. Next episode weíre going to see how our team copes with the loss. But not only that, weíre going to see how one of my favorite characters copes with the loss of his only, and best, friend. And we get to see just how much of a heart he really has.
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