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    Zyuranger 38 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    Ready for a dose of Girl power? This episode is one of my top favorites just because of how bizarre and awesome it is (Any episode starring Mei gets my top vote). There’s ton of action and a majority of it comes from our own Princess Mei! She’s the sole star this week while the boys get tangled up in other things. She really gets to shine and show off her skills and even the narrator says she was awesome. If you’ve seen Gaoranger vs Super Sentai, or Gokaiger then you have an idea about what’s going to happen in this episode. It’s one of those bizarre costume changing episodes and Mei gets a whole wardrobe to go through. Everything from a Clown to a Nun and more! It’s a really fun episode and it doesn’t disappoint, enjoy!

    Now for some trivia! At one point in the episode the Rangers wind up in a theme park and have a fight in an outdoor theater. This theater is actually Tokyo Dome City, perhaps better known as the home of Toei’s “Hero Action Show”. These stage shows are really cool and basically like mini versus movies acted out on stage and when it comes to stage shows there are no rules. For example, there was a Zyuranger/Exceedraft crossover show, there’s a Kakuranger one that features the Dairangers (with surprise appearance by two of the actual Rangers), Kamen Rider J, the OhRangers, along with Dragon and TyrannoRanger. Megaranger even teamed up with Kabutack! For something more recent, Go-Busters has Gavan in it’s current stage show. Like I said, anything goes (Coming up OOO!)

    Here’s a neat Megaranger one (with the best use of the StarWars theme and a roller coaster I’ve ever seen):

    YouTube link

    And have a collection of commercials as well. These’ll give you a great taste of what these shows are like.

    Youtube link

    Second piece of trivia! At the end of the episode there’s some plush toys of the Guardian Beasts. It’s one giant commercial because these plushies are actually straight out of the box Zyuranger toys. They’re really cute and after seeing this episode Kou and I both want them. (How could you say no to a chibi ZyuMammoth that walks, flaps it’s ears, and moos at you? Bandai marketing is super effective). I’d like to think that a lot of kids begged their parents to take them to a stage show and buy them some Zyu plushies after seeing this episode.
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