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    Zyuranger 34 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    Alright, itís time for an entire episode focusing on Burai! This story takes the story of Sleeping of Sleeping Beauty cuts out about 90% of it, skips right to the end, and then does itís own amazing things for the rest of the episode. All I have to say about this episode is that Burai saves a baby in the coolest and most dangerous way possible (Letís see Sleeping Beauty do that). Itís a really great episode and it more than makes up for last time. I know you all love Burai and you all wish he could be in every episode but remember: The more Burai shows up, the closer he gets to death. So, next episode Buraiís going to take a well deserved break while Boi learns how to be a Ninja (I couldnít make this stuff up if I tried). And since itís so early in the week you might be seeing that episode sooner than you think (I promise nothing).
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