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    Zyuranger 33 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    Zyuranger has had a lot of interesting and important people work on it, and they’ve all lent their various skills to the show. But this episode, IMO, marks the first time in the show where I stayed not for the episode itself, but for who was in it (Lies! I only found out who it was more than halfway through). In this episode the voice of DoraRaiger is played by the legendary Rika Matsumoto. She’s best know for her work on Pokemon as Satoshi, and for being one of the original members of JAM Project. She’s actually done a lot more but the list is huge!

    As far as Toku goes she made her debut in Fiveman as Arthur G6, and then Trash Dimension in Jetman, then of course Zyu, Spinning Banki in Go-Onger, and more recently Yumeria’s Mother in Akibaranger. Not a lot going on for her Toku wise but her list of anime roles is staggering. She’s also a really good singer and she sung a bunch of openings and endings for Pokemon, as well the opening theme to Kamen Rider Ryuki. Without a doubt she is truly one of the greats.

    As for the episode itself, it’s pretty standard stuff, albeit annoying as hell. Want a drinking game? Take a shot every time someone says “Help” “Help me”, “Save me”, “Rainy”, or “Sunny”. You won’t make it to the eyecatch, I can guarantee it. Also there’s no mecha in this episode at all so it’s pure Ranger action, which is great as always. Especially in the end when there’s all these explosions and potential child actor endangerment going on. But other than that this episode is just really annoying. I don’t know if it’s all the yelling, or the constant cries for help, but it is headache inducing. My advice? Come for the Zyu, stay for the Rika and the child endangerment.

    I’ll end this with a quote from Lynxara, Zyu’s organizer aka the vital glue that binds us together: “I admit, this ep made me glad that I don’t really do much on this release “

    She is so lucky.
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