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    Zyuranger 27 with Mega Anon!

    From Mega Anon

    Tonight’s episode is brought to you by Kyoko Sagiyama. Sagiyama is most famous for being the mentor of Yasuko Kobayashi (If you’re a Toku fan you know this name), and for writing various Toku episodes for shows such as; Skyrider, Super-1, Black, Black RX, Jiban, Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft, Janperson, Blue Swat, B-Fighter, and B-Fighter Kabuto. She also wrote two songs for the Winspector soundtrack. So there’s your behind the scenes trivia for this episode, now on with the show!

    I already said Mei was one of my favorite pinks, and this episodes just further proves it. There’s a lot of great stuntwork (Thanks Mr. Niibori!) and Mei just about singlehandedly solos the monster. It’s why I love her, she looks all cute and princessy and then WHAM you got an arrow through your throat! We get a little backstory on the kingdom of Rishiya and it’s Princess who looks like Mei but isn’t (Gotta love Toei’s “Your ancestors look exactly like you!” theory).

    I really like how they scramble the order of events in the episode because it breaks away from the traditional Sentai formula just enough that it keeps you on your toes. It’s a really good episode, even if you’re not into the color pink, or flowers, or love. Enjoy the episode and we’ll be back next week when Bandora discovers that you can make monsters out of other types of clay! Things are about to get a little Halloweeny in here.

    As a bonus have a picture of Kazuo Niibori (Zyu’s action director, he was in Akibaranger, has that Red Action Club, all around cool guy) from around the time of Changeman I think.
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