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    Zyuranger 21 with Mega Anon!!

    From Mega Anon

    Dragon Caesar! What more do I need to say? When I first saw Zyuranger I was blown away when I watched this. Itís got everything I love in a Toku. Great effects, a giant monster, lotís of destruction, and tons of shots of civilians running in fear. Itís definitly something that Sentai doesnít always do and when they do itís just awesome.I wish theyíd do it more because it is a treat for the eyes.

    The latter half of this episode feels exactly like a Godzilla film. Itís no surprise that people draw so many parallels between Caesar and Godzilla/Mecha Godzilla. You almost expect Godzilla himself to show up and take down Caesar before turning his attention onto Tokyo. Itís just such a great episode and itís one of the episodes that stuck with me long after I watched it. Coincidentally the two episodes I feel that strongly about both involve Caesar. Heís one of my favorite characters in this show, but you wonít get to see why for a while. Enjoy the first half of Caesarís rampage. Weíll be back next week with another historic episode.
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