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    Zyuranger 19 with Mega Anon!!

    From Mega Anon

    In this episode Bandora recruits the Scorpion Warrior Lami to further strengthen her army, the Zyurangers race to retrieve those Dinosaur Eggs (Again!), there’s some dancing, and Burai just doesn’t care one bit, he just wants his revenge. Also, Geki does something awesome that puts him in my book of favorite Reds. Seriously, he’s an awesome person and a true badass.

    Anyways, it’s another great episode and Lami is pretty awesome. She’s got an interesting taste in Men. Interesting? Maybe weird is the better term. I really like her costume, it’s a nice blend of human and monster. She’s played by Kawai Ami who, according to Wikipedia, had roles in Jiban, Solbrain, Kakuranger, and B-Fighter.

    Enjoy the episode and we’ll be back next week!
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