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    Ultraman Zero Gaiden Killer The Beatstar Stage II 1080p Released!

    So, um, this is like a year late? There's no real excuses, but if you've kept up to date with the blog, we've been busy! We've got 4 Sentais on the go and 2 finished last year, along with other different kind of specials and movies along the way. It's a shame there're only us whose been subbing recent Ultraman and we've left this and Ultra Galaxy open, but fear not! The Beatstar specials are now complete! Plus more Ultra is still to come... If any translators are interested on working solidly on some Ultra shows, please contact me on here or by our facebook page.

    Currently only available in 1080p, if anyone makes an SD encode, let us know.

    Torrent DD

    Link to the download page

    Credit for the raw to Ultrafanz
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