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    Ozawa Ryouta Blog Translation #2

    2011-03-16 22:18:03

    Title: Message

    Gokai Red, Captain Marvelous sends this message to all the children that suffer from the earthquake!

    I am the Gokaiger, Captain Marvelous!
    I know everyone is suffering. I know you want to cry.
    But you know? There are really awesome guys standing next to you.
    I am talking about your fathers, mothers and all the other people working hard to save you!
    They are all giving everything they can for you!
    I'm not going to tell you not to cry! But don't throw away the thought of getting saved, don't lose your hearts!
    Great power lies within you guys!

    Everything it going to be alright!

    I think there are many children that don't have the chance to read this blog.
    But I'd be happy If anyone close to them can show them this blog entry.

    I know everybody is having a hard time and there will still be aftershocks. But I hope everyone stays strong!

    I pray for everyone's safety. And tomorrow I'll do the best I can to cheer you up!

    Original Post: Ozawa Ryouta's blog

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    OMG.... im so happy that Ryouta-sama and the Gokaigers are safe..... i almost pray for them and for the other Japanese people.... dont give up, minna....
    konnichiwa minna-san..... GOKAI CHANGE!!!!!

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