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    We did not start fansubbing to make money.
    Recently we started using fileserve and filesonic for our releases.
    These are money making download sites. In other words we get money for each download.

    Personally, I don't like this. And I don't enjoy downloading from such websites either.
    But there are websites (such as Tokusatsu EU , Tokusatsu Movies and Series Download,...) who have been taking our releases and re-uploading them to such websites. Those websites do this as well with other groups and raw providers. In other words... they don't spend any money on source material but do earn money from other people's work.
    If people can make money from our work, why can't we?
    And honestly, if we make money... we don't make any profit.

    We talked to some other people complaining about this as well.

    Once these sites will stop doing that, we will use megaupload (or any other free and user-friendly site) again.

    Our apologies for the inconvinience.


    EDIT: Just for clarification, the total donations we've had in nearly 3 years equals about $20(don't get me wrong, I am grateful for those people!). All the money from these sites, and believe us we're not even sure if it's worth the effort for the amount, will go on DVDs/BDs that we either fansub or release to download the full blu-rays, as we have done with all the blu-rays we've bought ourselves.

    ~ MaskedShuuyu
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    totally understand sir, thank you for all your hardwork

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    thank u for your hardwork and very appreciate your works.
    At least u can use the profits to buy dvd or bd..(^^,)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yagami View Post
    thank you very much for the better Aune dvd chapters pity that not so raw, I wanted to ask you a favor if you can Nose wanted to see if I could spend just subtitles is to create a fansub is for my personal use aver if you can leave them my msn: hope you can await your response thank you very much for your work
    You can just extract the subs from the MKVs if you want them :-)

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    peeked at one of the websites mentioned above, they are "PROTESTING" and went "DARK" and I believe they been at this since the fall of the DDL

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    Shir,while I don't like the idea of people sharing for profit. I wont knock you if you do it. It was just my policy back in the day that when you shared. That you did it to help the cuminity not to feed your pockets. I know sharing cost money. Believe me I spent tons on blank dvds and such. So in closely I wont be one of those trashing you about it. I will just respectfully keep my opinion to myself on the issue.

    P.S. Probably why I'm not a raw provider any more. My old way of thinking. lmao
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