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Thread: Maskman 51

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    Maskman 51

    Click on the image to get a list with all the episodes.

    mkv patch script mp4

    Maskman has come to an end. It has been a fun ride. I'd like to thank FortMax, Ako and the rest of the team who worked on this project.
    We will provide a batch in a week or so. We will provide a v2 with better raws in the future, once we have enough money aside to purchase them.

    As for today we will take a short break because FortMax is drowning in encoding work.

    Also this might be a good time to announce our new project: Jikuu Senshi Spielvan. We will start releasing it in the near future, but first we will bash out some Bioman.


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    You guys are the best!!!!!!

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    Spielban was on-aired when i was 5! One of my fav show and Diana Lady is so cute! Will be waiting for your release

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    Oh yeah, more Machiko Soga goodness heading our way!

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    congratulations and good job Sir

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    Again, thanks for Maskman.
    Oh boy, Spielban ! That's good news.

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    awesome news! I wonder if the Maskman dvds had any extra features? I only ask out of curiosity, cuz when you guys did Jetman and Zyuranger, you ended the series with some awesome bonus material from the dvds. If, on the other hand, no such material exists for Maskman.... so be it.

    in the meantime, I applaud you gentlemen for taking on Spielban. I've always been curious about it, as I am a fan of VR troopers, which featured the series' action footage quite extensively, and I always wanted to know the proper context for the series itself.

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    Great job you guys!

    you guys are like my favorite sub group so its great to see you do fantastic work like this!

    I've been forgetting to watch this show for a while now, best to jump right in again now!

    again thank you so much, looking forward to bio five and kaku!

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