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Thread: Maskman 27

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    thanks Fortmax

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    U go faster and faster, do you plan to finish Maskman very soon and attack a new series?

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    Why attack a new series, maybe give a new series a nice hug instead.

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    can I make suggestion? since I like watching my tokusatsu in dvd player, so I usually converting your file to dvd format (vob) but the trouble is your .ass file set up (mostly all fansubber actually) are set to low in vertical text positions (10 point) that it became unreadbale in TV, and the font size is a bit small. could all your release next fix this. thanks

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    No can do but we can suggest you do download the RAWs from BunnyHat and using the script above to create your own encodes.

    We have no plans on changing the way we do things.

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