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    Kakuranger 41

    So, Kakuranger subs are back on track.

    In case you were wondering what the hell took so long, SgtKira of Hikari-Senshi disappeared from the internet after episode 40 was released. After a few weeks of not responding to any attempts of communication, he was given an ultimatum: either we hear from him before midnight on November 1st (central standard time), or GUIS would finish Kakuranger without him.

    As we have not heard from him, we have officially declared him to be Dead In A Bush, joining such folks as e-Misha, sJutton and Abareanon (who was supposedly sJutton's girlfriend, but was actually sJutton in a wig)
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    No, not SgtKira! Why do all the good die young :'(Didn't he vanish from the 'Net once before, or am I thinking of someone else?Oh well, time to download, encode and then upload. Granted it's just gone half twelve so parts two and three of that can wait until I get some sleep.

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    I was wondering about that. I had just signed up for some QCing work for him and was working on some exciting stuff that hasn't been announced yet, when all communication suddenly stopped. Last I heard, work had exploded for him and he was unable to do anything for a while. That was several weeks ago. I hope he does come back, because there were some great things in the pipeline.

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