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    Kakuranger 12 with Hikari-Senshi

    BunnyHat: This week, we start getting into Kakuranger's Plot, and our first long-term villian. Plus, we get one of the kids from Zyuranger, as well as the best Sentai prop.
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    fortmax and GUIS much love to ya for another kakuranger release. did you notice in ep11 one of the Dororos sniffed Tsuruhime's dress? lmaoooo pervin

    bros at GUIS for your consideration, the great guys over at Hi No Tori subs are looking to team up with groups for joint projects if you haven't heard.

    Exodus says
    "If there are any groups out there that enjoy working on joint projects... and enjoy the same type of material that we do... we are open minded to doing so... although we can't provide translations, we can do just about anything else..."

    I love HNT because they've released alot of good stuff like: Amazon, Gingaman, Mikazuki, Akakage, ZUBAT, Demon Hunter Mitsurugi, Shaider, B Fighter and more pleeeeeease pleeeeeease consider teaming with them. the earth will shake if you do.

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