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    Kakuranger 11 with Hikari-Senshi

    Sgtkira: Here we are with another episode of Kaku! I really liked this one. Last one was nice with its family theme, but this is a theme that I don’t really know if I’ve ever seen in Sentai. It really pushes what the show was trying to go for here. This new vs old kind of thing. I know I have grandparents that are basically hoarders and refuse to throw anything out. To save and cherish things no matter how old they are. So it’s pretty funny to see that in a Sentai monster. Anywho, hope you enjoy the episode and Lynxara’s notes are under this post!

    BunnyHat: This week, Seikai is an asshole.
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    this week's yokai, it's the same guy who did Dora Sphinx in Zyuranger, right ?

    edit : haha, just saw the Lynxara's notes on HS website about Ichikawa Isamu, my bad ^^"
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