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    Ichimichi Mao Blog Translation #2

    2011-03-19 13:33:55

    Title: I feel good!


    I'm sorry for neglecting my blog recently.

    Your ichimichi is doing fine.

    There are less and less aftershocks,
    So I'm just being careful and thinking positively!!
    All for one
    And one for all.
    That's how I feel.(・∀・)

    I'll try to save electricity,
    Not buy too much stuff I don't need.
    I'll continue to try the best I can

    And above all...
    Today the sun is shining brightly and beautifully.ッ(*エ`*)ノシ
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    Goseiger Vs Shinkenger Epic on Ginmake (Bluray) [COMPLETE]

    hai... im so happy that Mao-chan is ok and safe...
    konnichiwa minna-san..... GOKAI CHANGE!!!!!

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