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    G.U.I.S. needs extra staff!

    As you may have seen, we have been expanding our group and website and are looking for more like minded GUIS to join the crew. We're looking inparticular for translators to start or carry on with earlier projects and timers to work on various titles. Quality checkers are welcome too, but you need to be a native English speaker for that.

    if you think you can help us out, please email us or come to our channel.

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    For those who don't know how to time, we will teach you. It's not that hard, tedious, but not hard.

    QCers, besides knowing English it would be best if you can give us a sample of your work. Meaning if you have done QCing in the past direct or give us the file of the project you worked on. If you don't have anything we will give you a random file and see how well you clean it up.

    We're looking for hard workers who can dedicate some of their own time on helping us get projects out.

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