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    Flashman Movie + Trailer

    This movie premiered on the same day that episode 3 aired. The reason it came this early in the series was because Flashman had production delays, which pushed the series back several weeks. (This is also why Changeman has 55 episodes, the most of any year-long Sentai series). The movie premiere remained the same, however, so it came out along with ep 3 instead of, say, 7.

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    thank you master..

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    The Master gives us gifts again!!

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    The Master gives us gifts again!!
    You guys might want to join the church of god noodle on FB.

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    This was good but a little anticlimactic. The monster was tough enough in the beginning, but he was easy to beat with the cycle blasts. The puppy was really cute and it made me miss my dog and it was nice to see the Flashmen do charity work.

    As for the placement of the movie, I think it came out at the right time because the Flashmen were still getting used to fight mess and had not revealed any greater powers. I also thought the explanation for the mixing of DNA was important because it showed Ra Deus' ambitions in creating a perfect being. Out of all the Sentai villains to date, Ra Deus looks the coolest to me because he looks like Sephiroth from space.

    When do we get to see Sarah's real powers because all we've seen is her batons and and beads? From the intro you don't know what she does and you wonder when it will be explained. I also find Bun as Spider-Man odd when his powers are supposed to be speed based.

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