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Thread: Fiveman 00-02

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    Fiveman 00-02

    Here's our new project, Earth Force Fiveman (Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman)! I'm particularly fond of this show as it was one of my first fansub projects. In fact it was my first Sentai fansub project, about 7 years ago when I was working in Elite-Justice Fansubs (EJF). We only managed to get six episodes out at the time, but we had quite a few scripts that never got out to the public. This also marks the return of Filadelfo, the original translator from EJF, who wants to see it subbed as it was his childhood show. Every show we're working on now has different translators now, so don't worry about the too many projects slowing others down problem.

    So here it is, Fiveman episodes 1 and 2 & 00(preview). The opening episode is fairly strong, we seen the Fiveman together as children and the evil enemies; and like so many of the great Sentais, beginning with tragedy. Fiveman gets a lot of smack for supposedly being one of the worst Sentais and blamed for nearly getting Super Sentai cancelled. However in truth it was in constant decline for years and followed Turboranger (which wasn't great) and pretty much forgotten because it's sandwiched between Liveman and Jetman (we've subbed both of those fyi), considered to be two of the very best sentai shows. Much like the great reception Zyuranger now receives because it's being subbed in English (also by us!) and people are finally giving it a chance; I'm hoping Fiveman will get the same response from the fanbase. Anyhow, enough talk, please download!

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    After thinking it through, I'm definitely going to give this one a chance. There is definitely a balance to be said regarding certain shows having good and bad elements, and obviously everyone's tastes differ, and there are things about certain shows or movies that appeal to the particular interests of each individual. Heck, I was originally going to write off the series 'GoBuster', but after catching a glimpse of the series, that glimpse alone has me interested. So, I'm willing to give this series a chance also. Bring it on.

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    I had only seen a few of the EJF versions, which had me laughing and crying and feeling an assortment of emotions.

    I guess the reason that this show resonates with me is because I have a strong bond between both my mother and father (they've been together since 1984, married in 1986, conceived and birthed me within 1987, and still going strong is the love of this family). I guess I get emotional when separated, but then again, it's also psychologically uncomfortable for parents to be separated from their children.

    Overall, I'm ready for this new translation. Bring it on, you fine fellows!

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    Gotta say that you folks have guts for deciding to take on this one; from what I hear, the one thing that bogged down the show for many fans was the Fiveman puppets. They're so despised that even the encyclopedia doesn't list them!

    In any case, any time another Super Sentai show gets picked up, it's a good thing. As I've been enjoying you guys' work on Liveman and Zyuranger, I'm looking forward to this!

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