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    Bioman, Fiveman, and SEKRIT PROJECT temporally on hold.

    I have some bad news: you will not see any new episodes of Bioman and Fiveman for a while. (Maskman is not included since it has only three episodes left, so there's no way I'm going to drag that out)

    However, I also have some good news: the stall is because of ME, so stuff is still being translated.

    And even better news is the reason I'm taking a break. I think I'll let our good friend Roger Smith explain:

    Pretend the tomatoes are DVD9 isos

    I think you'll understand.
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    Understand and i will be waiting with patience here

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    as long as Kakuranger is moving! hehe! anyway take a good break and come back fully recharged

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    Well, enjoy your break, and thank you for all the good work.

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    A break is always good for the soul!!!! Take care!!!

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