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Thread: Bioman 34

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    Bioman 34

    Remember: the patch and mkv use the new 10-bit DVD9 raws. The script will work perfectly with both the old and new raws.

    mkv patch script mp4

    Also, if anyone has the cod-e DVD, please let me know either here, on Twitter (@ fortmax or @bunnyhat), or in the irc channel (#guis on, and I'll either be FortMax or FortMaxedOut). The cod-e videos are the last things I need to finish my Kamen Rider W encodes, and the limited DVD is the only way to get them since they weren't included in the Video Rider releases.

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    Thank you! I so cannot wait to finish this one <3 It's a good time.

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    We all have great expectations for Bioman. Thank you so much, Shir and everyone from GUIS. Can't wait for the next one!

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    sir shir just some suggestion, in the moves of wrestler megas i believe it was Western Lariat instead of Western Goliath, and Brain Buster instead of Main Buster.

    Again sir just suggesting and no disrespect meant.

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    What is the status of the 7 last episodes of Kakuranger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain marvelous 35 View Post
    What is the status of the 7 last episodes of Kakuranger?
    Still being worked on.

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