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    Bioman 17-18 released

    Double the Bio today as it's been slightly neglected recently.

    In episode 17, Doctor Man wants his hands on the underwater treasure of the folklore legend of Urashima Taro and the Ryugujo Castle. This is a real Japanese fable about Urashima Taro, a fisherman who rescues a turtle from a bunch of horrible children, who returns the following day declaring she is the daughter of the the Emperor of the Sea, who wants to repay him with a trip to the Palace. After a 3 night stay, Urashima returns to his home, only to discover 300 years has passed. Grieved, he opens the box that the turtle gave him which turns him old as time catches up to him, to which the turtle says "I told you not to open it..."

    I don't really understand Japanese folklore. Or women.

    mkv patch script mp4

    In episode 18, a girl has seen a monster in her town, but no one will believe her! And yes, the planet is called Lavy. It's not a real planet.

    mkv patch script mp4
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