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Thread: Bioman 12

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    Bioman 12

    In this episode, Green Two kills humans! Nope, he really really does. It's not a plot whatsoever, he really killed people... And rides a slide!

    Green Twos voice has always been a running joke among Bioman fans, at a recent fan reunion, even after all that time, they still ribbed him about is voice.

    mkv patch script mp4

    Download page
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    Everytime I see a Bioman episode, I totally 'squee' in joy! Thank you for subbing this series!

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    Have you considered releasing Bioman .mkv with a dual audio track that also includes the dub? Video quality for the available dub episodes is terrible, but you probably could extract and use the audio track.

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    No and we probably never will do that.

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