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    Bioman 10 - Goodbye, Yellow Four!

    So if you're like me and you think Yellow Four is your favourite character, sucks to be us because she's gone and isn't even in this episode! The reasons that are still unclear even now, Yellow Four quit/forced to leave Bioman. Supposedly there was a contractual dispute, but there are reports that she also worked part time in a bar and was very unreliable, possibly indicating that's what she was like on set. The night before she didn't turn up again to work, she told Red One on the way home that she wasn't coming in the following day, which was a surprise to the whole crew as they sat around waiting for her, so they went for coffee instead.

    So in this episode, you only see Yellow Four in suit only, and she's voiced by an entirely different person!


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    Hehehee i like how you put it. From Wikipedia, the first Yellow 4 was removed from the program because her misbehavior to the girl fellows in the team. I think in Boukenger's ending of the 11th or 12th Task they played with this scandal a bit.

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    Angry poor mika....

    so because yuka yajima left the show an innocent character had to die? cold yuka, breaking the hearts of kids anywhere just because you didnt get your way.

    cant wait for jun!

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