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    Bioman 09 released

    Now that bad two parter is over and done with, we have creepy kids, Blue Two playing skip rope and a rare glimpse to how strong Sentai characters actually are! Thought I'd explain why 超電子バイオマン has been translated Super Electron Bioman? Firstly, we translate everything here at GUIS, including names and attacks because this is an English translation group, it defies logic to leave lines of Japanese in and it doesn't really add to the 'feel' of the show. If anything, it detracts from the show because you don't understand just how wacky and silly these terms are every time they are said; yes, it does sound silly in Japanese too. Wikipedia defines the translation of 超電子 as Super Electronic, but a big emphasis of the story is that their ancestors were showered in Bio Particles and other episodes are based on remnants of other destroyed planets. Electronic implies they are robotic or hardware based, while Electron retains the original meaning more.

    I(and GUIS) now have a tumblr account that you can follow where I'll be posting all our releases and news from Henshin Justice Unlimited.
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    Unhappy were almost there.

    next ones the big one......

    tom im scared.

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