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    Any mistakes in Jetman?

    We are preparing the final batch for Jetman.
    We also corrected a few mistakes we made in a few episodes.

    It is possible that we missed something. So if you noticed a mistake, please let us know by commenting to this thread.

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    so, u gonna make V2 for some eps?

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    Some mistakes (they were sometimes indicated on the chan) :

    Dialogue: 0,0:05:16.05,0:05:18.45,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,D amn it. Fire!
    "Shoot! Fire !"

    Episode 36 didnt mention the kanji at the beginning.

    Episode 44 : Dialogue: 0,0:12:30.91,0:12:34.45,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,K aori, Gai and Ako. You guys take care of the Garuda's energy source.
    "Raita", not "Gai"

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    Just a few I noticed:
    Episode 19: They actually say the Fortuneteller Jigen's fake name at the start: It's "Lilika" something. (??? recheck but the first name is indeed "Lilika"...I'd need to recheck it). Ako also mentions it later in the episode. You guys didn't subtitle the name, however, probably mistaking it for a bit of gibberish, but it's also on the sign above the Fortune Telling house, in English, at the start of the episode.

    Episode 12: Pretty sure that when Kaori is grabbed by the Bus Jigen she's yelling for Raita and the others to "Hurry, run away!" but It's been a few weeks since I saw the episode.

    There was also an early episode (can't remember which), where, after Ryu orders "HOTTO MIRUKU" (heh) at the bar, the actual drink which Gai orders afterwards is named, "Macallan" (an actual type of Whiskey).

    There's also a few smaller bits of dialogue drowned out by the audio in some episodes (mainly stuff like "over there", "Bringer Sword!" "Cross Changer", names being shouted and the like) but you guys probably noticed those.

    Episode 7: Ryu was about to turn 26, not 27. Simple typo but the Birthday episode confirms his proper age, if I recall.

    As I go along I'll point other things out with exact times, if I can!

    And just a few of the more obvious ones in episode 1
    - The year is actually identified as simply "199X" rather than actually 1991
    - "Boss Down" should be "Force Gun"
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    Episode 49 :
    Dialogue: 0,0:14:39.85,0:14:40.98,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,B ut...
    "No..." I think is better.

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    Episode 23:

    "Fire Blizzard" should be "Dia Blizzard" or "Diamond Blizzard," but either way the "Fire" part is a mistranslation of "Daiya". (I'm about to watch episode 24, but I figure this goes as a general change if Bird Garuda uses this attack any time after this episode, too)

    0:08:32.92 to 0:08:37.67
    "Good! Semimaru." should be "Go, Semimaru!"

    0:11:03.830 to 0:11:04.122 -ish

    [Unsubbed] => "That can't be!!"/"Impossible!"/"No Way" etc. etc. whatever floats your boat.


    "RYU!? GAI!?" = > "Ryu!! Kaori!!"

    Episode 26:


    "Time Slip" = > "Time Slip Beam"


    "Stop It" = > "Let Go" (But "STop it" might work still)

    Episode 26:


    [No line] = > "It's hot!"/"It burns!"

    [No Line, mistaken for chanting] = > "The enemy's [seishin? "life?" ... ???] is attempting to interfere" I'm not sure of the right translation but the line sounds like "Teki no seishin ga jamashiteru (jamashiteiyaru?) wa" go check that agian because it IS a line you missed.

    "The Enemy..." something

    Episode 36:

    You forgot to translate or at least caption what the first caption says when it gives the location name.
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