View Full Version : Applying for a job at GUIS

07-20-2012, 10:51 PM
Hello, i would like to help and take paret in your work on the next super sentais you wil sub.

One year ago, i did not know anything about super sentais.I had watched some episodes from Liveman and Jetman when i was a child ,but that was all.But suddenyl i decided to watch on youtube some videso of liveman.Somehow, i saw a liveman episode subbed by GUIS, and decided to lookf for a place where to download the whole show.
Then i came on Rizon, and discovered tons of super sentais.

There is a reason why i would prefer working at guis: i prefer to watch 80's and 90's shows.Why?Because i think there was a way to make musics,fights, to convey feelings, that has been lost.
Currently all i can do is pretime.However , i am ready to learn how to encode or do typesetting for example.
To be honest i already made that request to other teams, because i think all teams have a same goal:making a show enjoyable for people.They just follow different paths, but they all go to the same place.And because i think i can work on various projects at the same time.

My qualities: i can spend a lot of time on a project if i like it, i am enthusiastic.
Flaws: i am a bit hyperactive sometimes,which is why i constantly post on ircs^^